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Portable Facial Steamer


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About the Product:
HOT STEAMS SPRAYS IN 25 SECONDS: Facial steamer sprays nano-sized steaming from the nozzle in 25 seconds after turn it on, perfect for those busy, schedule, on-the-go women like you.

: The nano-sized steams penetrates and softens the skin for easy extraction of clogged pores. In addition, the hot mist gently removes makeup, dirt, and other impurities from the skin while providing moisture to ensure there’s no harm to the skin. This can be used daily for people with very oily skin or once a week as beauty therapy for clear, glowing skin.

SMART AUTO SHUT OFF: The device will shut off automatically if there is no water in the water supply tank, its temperature controller will be cut off as well. (blue light will light up in nozzle hole when the device turn on, the blue light will light off when the device turn off manually or automatically)

COMFORTABLE HOT STEAMS WITH APPROX 40 °C: The nano-sized steams are warm and comfortable. The skin of your face will be steaming hot, open the pores, and promote blood circulation, also works great for all types of skin including sensitive skin. Please note if it smells strongly at first use, that’s ozone. it will fade away gradually after used 3 – 5 times and please keep your face 20cm.
away from the nozzle when using 65ML

WATER SUPPLY ENOUGH FOR A 10-MINUTES HOME FACIAL SAUNA: Doing a home facial sauna for 10 minutes supported by a full water supply tank. 65ML is enough for each use.


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