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BREYLEE Whitening UV Sunscreen Cream


BREYLEE Whitening UV Sunscreen Cream SPF50 Sunblock PA+++ Moisturizing Anti Aging Dust Oil Control Reduce Melanin Skin Care 40ml



Effects:Designed with the durable formula that refuels 4 skin’s antioxidant defense for sunburn, sunspot, sunscald, and anti-aging. Continuous applying sunscreen works at any angle for maximum coverage and delivers broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Watery texture, lightweight and non-sticky, with long-lasting oil control ability, this sunscreen can help to even out and brighten the skin tone, restore the skin’s radiance, control oil, and maintain your makeup.

Ultraviolet rays follow us wherever we go

Long term exposure to ultraviolet light causes skin problems

The skin is dull, sunburn spread, sagging and aging

Royal age sunscreen, to meet your sunscreen needs

1、High power sunscreen

2、whitening and nourishing skin


4、skin-friendly texture

5、refreshing oil control

Invisible shield, long-term protection

No fear of sunburn, prevention time can be up to 8 hours


50 times long-term UV protection

Prevent skin photoaging.

PA+++ 8 times more effective at delaying UVA damage

1.Urban pollution

2.long wave UVA

3.short wave UVB

In practice, it is suggested to reapply appropriately according to activity and sweating

1.Refers to urban air dust

2.PA + + + ≈ the time of preventing UVA injury is prolonged by eight times

3.Spf50 ≈ 50×10 minutes ≈ 8 hours theoretical duration of sunscreen injury

Specially contains niacinamide, whitening strength

– Reduce melanin

+Improve dark yellow skin

+Improve moisture retention

How to Use Step

1 shake well

Shake the contents well

Take an appropriate amount in the palm

Step2 dots

Dotting evenly to the face

Neck and body skin

Step 3 push away

Evenly pat around the skin and push away

Wait for it to be absorbed

1. Use daily during the day, after any daytime skincare, before makeup.

2. It is recommended to use it 15 minutes before going out.